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Many students wonder if college is “worth it” – the answer to that question is generally yes, but it depends on that they study and where they go. Making a good choice can lead to a better career, higher wages, and greater personal and professional satisfaction. Making a bad choice can lead to high debt and difficult landing a well-paying job that makes launching an adult life difficult. To support better choices, prospective students need to know the value of different programs.

LaunchMyCareerTN.org is an interactive website created by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation that helps people find college programs of value to them by letting them see the expected financial return on their choice of college and major as well as the personal and professional satisfaction that accompanies difference courses of study.

LaunchMyCareerTN does this by providing information on:

  • Hot Jobs: well-paying jobs that are in-demand in their state and communities

  • Hot Skills: the skills those jobs require

  • Credentials of Value: programs that help graduates meet their life-style goals and quickly break even on their investment in a college education

LaunchMyCareerTN.org provides information on certificates and degree programs at public colleges in Tennessee, including how much graduates of each program earn and how much those graduates spent on their education.

LaunchMyCareerTN.org is not an aptitude test, interest inventory, or credit transfer resource, but it can help prospective students find the right program and college based on their goals.